Design Director with over seventeen years experience designing software that is both intuitive and beautiful.


Adidas, Adobe, Apple, Audi, BlackBerry, Clorox, EA, eBay, Facebook, Google, Hard Rock, HP, Intel, John Hancock, Lytro, Michelin, Microsoft, Nike, Pinterest, Peet’s Coffee, Robert Half, Schwab, Sega, Sonos, Sprint, Sun Microsystems, The Webby Awards, Wells Fargo, Yahoo and others


AKQA, Carat, Duncan/Channon, Eleven, Freestyle Interactive, Hal Riney & Partners, Isobar, McCann Worldgroup, Modem Media, Molecular, Organic, Tribal DDB and others


User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Design Direction, Creative Direction, Photography


Principal at Jason Wilson, LLC Jan 2015 – Present

  • Design consultancy and independent software design studio
  • Clients include Apple, Audi, Google, Pinterest, Sonos and others

Senior Director UX Design at Yahoo Sep 2015 – Nov 2015

  • Redesigning
  • Leading a team to deliver a new design language across Yahoo

Principal Designer at Pinterest Jun 2012 – Jan 2015

  • Designed Pinterest’s first iPad application (Apple Hall of Fame)
  • Redesigned
  • Designed Pinterest’s iPhone 3.0 application (Apple Hall of Fame)
  • Concepted and designed Pinterest’s Guided Search
  • Designed Pinterest’s iOS 8 extension (Keynote WWDC 2014)
  • Designed Pinterest’s Apple Watch application (Keynote September 2014)
  • Design direction for Pinterest’s Brand refresh November 2014

Creative Director at Lytro Sep 2011 – Jun 2012

  • Redesigned camera UI, desktop application and
  • Rebranded Lytro logo, typography, colors and design language (never implemented)

Senior UI Designer at Apple Feb 2011 – Sep 2011

  • Created photo grid system that is used across Apple’s photo applications
  • Design direction for Aperture 4 (never implemented)
  • Designed future-vision R&D photo application (never implemented)

Designer at Facebook Nov 2010 – Feb 2011

  • Redesigned Privacy Policy page
  • Redesigned Logged Out home page (never implemented)
  • Designed Facebook’s seventh anniversary watch
  • Revised UI standards for (never implemented)

Senior Experience Design Lead at Adobe Systems Mar 2010 – Oct 2010

  • Design direction for Photoshop CS6
  • Designed UI standards across mobile and web platforms
  • Provided creative direction for cloud services

Interactive Art Director at Self-employed May 2005 – Apr 2010

  • Worked with Adidas, Apple, Blackberry, EA, Google, Hard Rock, Nike and others
  • Worked with the agencies AKQA, D/C, Eleven, McCann, Molecular and others

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at AKQA Mar 2010

  • Designed pitch for NIKEiD custom shoe-creation process

Lead Visual Designer (Freelance) at Research In Motion Sep 2009 – Mar 2010

  • Designed new home screen vision for Blackberry Developer Conference
  • Designed eBay application for Blackberry

Senior Experience Designer at Adobe Systems Feb 2009 – Jul 2009

  • Focused primarily on future-looking design concepts
  • Designed for the TV
  • Created mobile app development software

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Apple Sep 2008 – Dec 2008

  • Designed website for the launch of the Munich Apple Store location
  • Designed Mac OS X Leopard website (never implemented)

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Molecular Sep 2008

  • Designed pitch for redesign

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Isobar Aug 2008 – Sep 2008

  • Pitched design direction for Adidas World Cup 2010

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Cuil Mar 2008 – Sep 2008

  • Redesigned
  • Redesigned Cuil logo

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Duncan/Channon Dec 2005 – Nov 2007

  • Designed
  • Designed Hard Rock memorabilia website (never implemented)

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Theranos Oct 2007

  • Redesigned
  • Redesigned Theranos logo

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Freestyle Interactive Jun 2007 – Sep 2007

  • Designed micro sites for video games, Medal of Honor, NFL Tour and Spore

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Apple Jan 2007 – Jun 2007

  • Redesigned
  • Became first redesign in over eight years

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at McCann Worldgroup Oct 2006 – Dec 2006

  • Designed websites for Microsoft and Windows Mobile
  • Designed storyboards for Xbox ad campaign

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Carat Fusion Jun 2005 – Dec 2006

  • Created interactive experience for Adidas Truck event kiosks
  • Designed Adidas 7on7 website and logo
  • Designed Peet’s Coffee and Tea eCups website and logo

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Eleven Mar 2005 – Dec 2006

  • Designed Google Checkout button
  • Redesigned
  • Redesigned
  • Designed BEA Systems microsite
  • Designed Google Green Maps (never implemented)

Art Director / Designer (Freelance) at Tribal DDB Aug 2005 – Sep 2005

  • Designed
  • Created ad campaign for Glad Trash Bags

Senior Designer at Organic Sep 2004 – May 2005

  • Design work for
  • Designed and art directed online ad campaigns for Sprint
  • Won pitch for Janus Mutual Funds website redesign

Senior Designer at Modem Media Aug 2003 – Sep 2004

  • Won pitch for Charles Schwab website redesign
  • Redesigned HP’s email templates
  • Designed and art directed online ad campaigns for HP
  • Redesigned Sprint’s email templates

Senior Designer (Freelance) at The Creative Group Mar 2000 – Aug 2003

  • Worked with eBay, John Hancock, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, The Webby Awards and others

Web Designer at Sutton Place Management Oct 2002 – Jul 2003

  • Designed and programmed

Broadcast Traffic Assistant Manager at Hal Riney & Partners Sep 1998 – Jul 1999

  • Wrote and distributed instructions for all ad campaigns

Game Ranger at Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve Nov 1997 – Aug 1998

  • Maintained roads
  • Tracked elephants
  • Worked against poaching

Intern Game Ranger at Singita Game Reserve Jun 1996 – Aug 1996

  • Shadowed rangers
  • Learned how to track
  • Bartended

Intern Print Traffic at Hal Riney & Partners Jun 1994 – Aug 1994

  • Sourced photos
  • Worked as temporary courier
  • Completed administrative duties


University of Southern California 1993-1997 - BA, Communications

  • Varsity Tennis Team (National Champs 1994), Phi Gamma Delta


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Sam Rogoway CoFounder & CEO at Victorious

Jason is a generational talent. He uniquely combines creative brilliance with practical wisdom. He inspires those around him and does not accept mediocrity. His intensity is only matched by his heart. He is a passionate warrior who challenges those around him to elevate their game for the sake of delivering not just a good product, but the best product possible. He is one of my favorite humans.

Ben Silbermann CoFounder & CEO at Pinterest

Jason is the most talented and the hardest working designer I’ve worked with. During the 2 years he was at Pinterest, we assigned Jason many of our most complex and important design projects. Without fail, he delivered exceptional work, often under extraordinarily tight deadlines. This was partly a testament to his individual talent, and partly because of Jason’s ability to rally teams of engineers and product managers around a common vision. Numerous team members have told me that working with Jason was one of the most intense, rewarding, and fun experiences of their career. I agree.

Andrea Mangini Head of User Experience at Autodesk

Jason is one of the most skilled visual interaction designers I have ever had the priveledge to work with. He is both a systemic thinker and a detailed visual renderer. He rides that elusive boundary between visual elegance and intuitive interaction, and has a professional mastery of both. He has a passion for quality that drives him to produce amazing work and inspires the best in those around him. He is the kind of superstar that raises the bar for everyone. Jason is a great collaborator, mentor and team leader, and a genuinely cool person, Basically Jason is a total ninja. I would rank him amongst the top 1% of all designers I have ever met. Seriously.

Ian Ellison Content Strategist at Oculus

Jason creates astonishing results on a routine basis. He has an astounding eye for the most elegant solution to a situation, and enough of a puzzle-maker’s brain that his elegant solution will then scale seamlessly through your entire ecosystem.

If a team of a hundred bright designers worked for a month to produce a thick portfolio stuffed with their best efforts, and on the other side of the table Jason was given a single day to create a five-page proposal, I would bet on Jason’s five pages. Every time.

Naveen Gavini Head of Product Engineering at Pinterest

Jason is one of the best designers in the business. He possess world class design skills, an amazing product sense and an uncompromising desire to collaborate with others. His character embodies hard work, a positive attitude and teamwork. This is evident in every product or feature he touches and also the people he works with.

I’ve had the honor of working with Jason closely on Pinterest’s iPhone and iPad applications. One of Jason’s greatest strength is his collaborative nature and unique creative process. He has the amazing ability to pull together team members from across disciplines to critically think and analyze the product or problem. Following the team’s analysis he would work tirelessly on crafting the perfect design, paying attention to each and every pixel while listening to feedback from engineers and other team members. Jason and his creative process were instrumental in building Pinterest’s award winning iOS application.

I have learned a tremendous amount from Jason and hope I continue to work with him in the future.

Alice McCarthy Graphic Designer at Victorious

This past year I had the pleasure of working with Jason and learning from his passionate and precise approach to design as he overhauled our product at Victorious. He is not satisfied with anything less than the best, both in terms of form and function, and his presence at our company definitely changed our design culture for the better as well as leaving us with a product that we are all excited about and eager to get into the hands of users. As a UX designer, he innovated while creating a solution that yet seemed intuitive and refreshingly simple. As a leader he was always approachable even when he needed to deliver criticism.

Jason also served as a mentor to me as I redesigned the company’s brand, so I can speak to his skills as as a visual/graphic designer as well. During the course of the design process I really enjoyed our discussions about color, photography, magazines, animation, Asian art, etc— Jason is able to bring his other interests and knowledge to whatever he does, which to me is the mark of a truly inspired designer. Looking forward to working with him again in the future!

Paul Pow Product Manager at Victorious

I had the opportunity to work closely with Jason and can I just say - this guy rocks! His background, experience, and accomplishments speak for themselves but it’s the in person interactions with Jason that makes him an incredible person to work with. He has the unique ability to inspire those around him to think creatively and can liven up the morale of any team. I look forward to working with him again.

Michael Sena Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Jason is a master designer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a major design of our product. His personality is always energizing and inspiring. He was able to inspire and guide the team to produce excellent work. Working with Jason was rewarding and exciting. I can’t wait to work with him again!

Samantha Hyman Product Designer at Victorious

Over the past several months, I’ve had the great pleasure and honor of working with Jason at Victorious and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Jason’s infectious personality and passion for design and life is inspiring. He is always enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive. His leadership style of “lead by example” inspired me and many people at Victorious to be more creative and be excited about the work we are doing. Jason has incredible attention to detail and always delivers the highest quality of design, from initial conception to the shippable product. He thinks about the entire start to finish experience from product thinking, visual design, user experience, to the branding and identity. His design thinking and execution is perfection. It is refreshing and rare. He always brought such creative design solutions and ideas to the table which inspired and excited everyone.

Jason is one of the most genuine, strong, and pure person I have ever met. He is always respectful, honest, thoughtful, and pushes you to do the best work you can do.

It is rare to come across such talent. Anyone would be lucky to have Jason apart of their team.

Christopher Barley Founder at Consortia

Jason worked on a multiple projects I have organized with the Audi Innovation Research office in San Francisco. He brought an incredibly multifaceted perspective on design and digital to the table and was able to generate a vision of connected mobility that inspired the group and shaped the direction of the project. His unique ability to understand both the technical and emotional allowed him to provide input that was revelatory to both the engineers and designers in the room.

Albert Jay-Hoon Song Vice President of Product Design at Yahoo

Jason captivates you the moment you meet him because his personality speaks to his passion for design, family and life. In short order he was able to make sense of a disparate number of Yahoo properties, coming up with a system that cracked a problem I was struggling with for several quarters. I believe his greatest strengths lies in being able to challenge well entrenched systems (if you want someone to think outside of the box, or are stuck on a problem, Jason is prime!), building a followership, articulating vision, and helping product teams become more design centric—these are things he accomplished at Yahoo.

There are designers that love design, and there are designers that live and breathe design, and Jason is the latter. I’ve learned a tonne from him and he is an inspiration for me to become a better leader, storyteller and thinker.

Marcelo Novaes Principal Designer at Helix

It’s rare to come across such standout talent like Jason.

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with Jason at Yahoo, it was a brief but incredibly rewarding experience.

I was particularly impressed by Jason’s attention to detail and his passion for all the design elements – even the foundational ones, such as the grid structure. Jason would take it to the highest possible level and make sure that it was just right. I’ve never seen that before, and it deeply inspired me.

Jason takes a straightforward approach to teams and products – no BS, just amazing work.

You can’t expect other than positive attitude – always with a smile and always amazed by some piece of inspiration, the kind that ends up spreading to the entire design team with excitement.

Jason earns my highest recommendation.

Shinyi Huang Design Director at Yahoo

Jason is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever worked with!! He was a mentor of mine that supported and motivated me every day. His design craftsmanship is amazing, bringing incredible ideas and tons of experience that was continuously inspiring. Best of all, he is such a great person: humble, open minded, and supportive. It was truly a pleasure and an honor working with him.

Madhu Punjabi Product Manager at Facebook

I was lucky enough to work with Jason on one of my first projects at Pinterest. Jason has this striking ability to truly understand not only the user, but also those working with him. He creates art that is truly functional and then takes time to explain his choices. Most importantly, he is a visionary. He has a strong sense for what we need now in contrast to what we need months from now. I think that is a true gift.

Andreas Pihlström Creative Director (Product Design) at Pinterest

Jason is one of the absolute best designer I’ve ever worked together with. He pushes himself and the rest of the team to the maximum. He’s very supportive and open minded, fantastic collaborator, and inspirational to work with. His eye for UI is incredible, his accuracy on details is very rare, and he always has something genius cooking in his head that will inspire and impress the world.

Rui Jiang Fellow Architect at Coupang

I had the chance to work with Jason on Pinterest Guided Search. Jason is the master mind behind guided search. He is an artist. He is emotional. He is passionate. Watching him design is like seeing a mystery deciphered. He has the capability to convert scattered thoughts, unspeakable things into concrete tokens, blueprints, visually pleasant drawings. The guided search design came out just awesome, and it’s one of the most important launches we’ve ever had.

Steven Ramkumar Engineering Manager, Search & Discovery at Pinterest

Jason is one of the most talented, hard working and passionate designers I’ve ever met. I had the opportunity to work with Jason on several projects at Pinterest. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had working collaboratively with a designer to define, design, and build features for mobile. He has the ability to work effectively with engineers to iterate extremely fast on early prototypes until they are ready to ship.

One thing that I really loved about working with Jason is his ability to push and challenge me as an engineer to build things I didn’t think would be possible on mobile. He knows how to help you work through design and engineering problems effectively.

I’ve learned alot from Jason and feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with him. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Evan Sharp CoFounder at Pinterest

Jason embodies passionate craft in the design profession. He works harder, with more intensity and devotion to shipping great experiences than any individual I have ever worked with. Some of Jason’s strengths:

1. Jason is one of the very best designers in the world. Everything Jason designs is delivered first-pass at the highest level of quality. He works faster than any designer I’ve ever worked with, and at a higher level of quality across the board than any designer I’ve ever worked with. In addition, the breadth of his craft is extensive: he is A+ at visual design, interaction design, product thinking and design, as well as brand work and the communication arts. And he has exquisite taste in all of the above, making him an effective creative director.

2. Jason is one of the best team leaders I’ve ever worked with. Jason’s passion carries through to the team he works with. You’ll be hard to pressed to find an individual whom he has partnered with in the past that isn’t still obsessively loyal to him. One of his design secrets is that design work is only as good as one’s partners in building the final product; Jason is exceptional at rallying people to build the best product possible.

3. Jason is wise. Jason’s experience and his deeply authentic streak mean that he has as much wisdom about business and design as anyone I’ve ever met. If you can learn how to listen to him, you’ll find that he has strong, informed opinions about most business situations — and pure motivations.

4. Jason is an excellent judge of character. Jason has an uncanny ability to size up someone’s character in a very short period of time. He is an exceptional interviewer.

5. Jason lives for design. Jason core motivation is designing and shipping great product. This is perhaps the most important quality a designer can possess, in my opinion, and one that has defined Jason’s life for the last two decades to both his advantage and his detriment. But it is something to understand and to love about him — few people work from such a pure place, and with such grace.

Jon Parise Engineering at Pinterest

Jason is one of the most talented, thoughtful, and dynamic designers with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. His work is innovative, and his design direction is clear. He easily adapts to engineering constraints and implementation concerns, and he’s always looking for ways to simplify and refine his designs. Simplify put, he helps product teams do their best work.

Yash Nelapati Breaking Pinterest Everyday

I haven’t written a recommendation in my life but I am attempting to write one for this man. I haven’t seen a designer who pumped so many pixels in one’s career. I learned a lot from this guy and I have huge respect for his attitude. I can go on and on about how he designed stuff and critiqued design but I can cover only 20% or even less. I ll wrap with one sentence. TRULY THE BEST.

Ryan Probasco Head of Product Engineering at Startup

If you you ever get the chance to work with a designer half as good as Jason Wilson, count yourself lucky. People with his level of talent and experience are impossibly rare. What makes Jason even more special, however, is the way he inspires and brings the best out in others he works with. On top of that, he’s super fun to collaborate with and always gives his projects everything he’s got.

Chris Danford Software Development Engineer at Pinterest

Jason is the most-talented and dedicated designer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never seen (or even heard of) a designer so dedicated to working in tandem with developers, nor a designer so open to incorporating feedback and iterating rapidly. The Pinterest product is as great as it is because of Jason, and his teammates are super-thankful to be working with him.

Jennifer Tsai Software Engineer, Android at Pinterest

Jason has been by far the most talented designer I’ve ever worked with. He is one of the best in the industry and yet he is extremely humble and easy to work with. Jason is open to feedback and actively solicits opinions from everyone on the team as he iterates on designs. The first time I interacted with Jason definitely left a lasting impression on me. He asked what I thought about the design he was working on and I gave an honest answer saying that I felt like it was confusing. He took that feedback and came up with a more intuitive mock. There was no defensiveness or questioning of me, a person he’d never talked to before.

The new closeup view of a pin on Pinterest best embodies Jason’s genius and hard work from the past few months. He not only made disparate units of data cohesive in a single page but made the interaction so seamless and natural that several users during a user study called the flow “addicting.”

I hope to work on more projects with Jason in the future so I can learn more of his artistry.

Cory Carpenter Product Manager at MobiTV

It has been a pleasure to work with Jason on the new Principle based design is an obsession for him and I am amazed at his ability to solve problems in beautiful ways time and time again. He is a rare talent, a relentless worker, a great communicator and someone who goes out of his way for his teammates. He is one of the main reasons our team gels so well.

Joshua Inkenbrandt Product Manager at Pinterest

This guy is the best there is. Period. Working with him is always inspiring. He’s as authentic and humble as they come.

I worked with Jason on the Pinterest redesign for months (Oct. 2012 - Feb 2013). He was the lead designer and I was the tech lead. He was not only willing to hear my feedback about his designs, but he was eager to hear it. In the end, we worked together to create a product we were both proud of shipping.

Connor Montgomery Software Engineer at Pinterest

It’s been an absolute honor and pleasure being able to work with Jason on the redesign. I consider myself lucky to have had this opportunity, and hope we get to work together on many more projects down the road.

He took me, under his wing and we spent countless hours polishing and hacking on the new, because that’s the way he works — in a collaborative and open-to-feedback manner. He’s got incredible vision, and no ego whatsoever. He’s the most humble colleague I’ve ever had, while also being hands-down the most talented designer I’ve ever met.

Jason welcomed me into his house, on his own time, when the site wasn’t quite done yet to polish it even more. I’ve never worked with someone before that was this welcoming and determined to create a great product. It was inspiring, to say the least.

With that being said, I see Jason as a role model for how I want to be. He’s able to relentlessly focus, achieve phenomenal results and keep a great attitude. You really can’t ask for anything more than that.

Cynthia Maxwell Director of Engineering at Slack

Jason’s product vision is the best in the business. His precise execution of visual and interaction design make him a joy to work with. As the first 10x Designer I have ever met, he can put thoughts into concrete results rapidly. Jason possesses natural leadership abilities and a strong moral compass. What you see is what you get with Jason. He is patient, and expresses his designs clearly. Anyone would be very lucky to have him on their team. I am very happy I had the chance to work with him, and would definitely work with him again.

Omar Puig Digital Product Designer at Netgear

What can I say that hasn’t probably been said. We share a similar sensibility of design so collaborating with him was easy. We created a great deal of stuff in a short period of time.

Wendell Innis Director of Program Managment at Intel Corporation

Jason is a very creative designer who is dedicated to doing the perfect design. Jason is capable of handling conflicting requirements inputs from multiple sources and producing a design that delights all. What makes it even more delightful is that Jason is truly fun to be around and to work with. Jason has a way of making everyone on a project team feels as if they have made a major contribution and that their input is invaluable. I would recommend Jason anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Mariana Antcheva General Counsel at Intacct Corporation

I had the pleasure of working with Jason while he was a Creative Director at Lytro. He is a brilliant designer, who was respected not only by his team, but also by the rest of the company. He made great contributions to Lytro’s systems design and a lasting impact at the company. As General Counsel, I worked with Jason on various legal aspects of his work, and our interactions were always productive and helpful. I highly recommend Jason.

Mark Wiens Senior Interaction Designer at Intuit

Jason is a great designer, dedicated to getting the job done perfectly, no matter how many late nights it takes. He also found the time to be a mentor and offer support in the work I was doing. If you ask, he will sit with you and let you bounce ideas off him. It was especially helpful to me because I hope to be as great of a designer/thinker as he is. There is no doubt that I will work with Jason in the future. He is the kind of person that becomes a life-long friend.

Chia-Kai (梁家愷) Liang Mobile computational photography at Google

It is wonderful experience to work with Jason. He shows incredible creativity and passion in his work and nice personality. His results astonish me every single time, and I feel lucky to have him in our team. I hope we can work together again in the future.

Nicole Parente-Lopez Creative Lead, Innovation Practices at Intuit

I had the great pleasure of working with Jason at Lytro. Jason is incredibly hard working, passionate, creative and detail-oriented. He isn’t afraid of the hard questions, he’s a careful listener, and is collaborative in finding on-brand innovative solutions. I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again someday.

Jose Ricardo Lima Technical Manager at Google

Jason is a one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. Not only can he come up with solid and very compelling designs in record time, but he is incredibly dedicated, motivated and very easy to work with.

In just a few months him and the team he was leading were able to completely recreate the designs for all areas at Lytro, from Camera UI, desktop application, corporate website, product packaging and more.

Jason would be a fantastic addition to any team.

Alex Fishman Founder & CEO at Bugsee

Jason is truly a great designer and amazing person to deal with. He always welcomes feedback, listens and understands engineering contraints and works with you to resolve them. And the results are just pixel perfect!

I wished we could’ve hired him earlier.

Mugur Marculescu Product Manager, Virtual Reality at Google

It has been a great pleasure working with Jason. He is one of the best designers out there today. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge, amazing track record and delivers stunning visual and conceptual work that spans the entire ecosystem of a product.

That being said, what really stands out is his warm personality and care for his craft. Always happy to engage and integrate input from the team, he approaches his work with a mindset of uncompromising quality and does whatever it takes to create perfection, never mind the long hours and effort. I feel very fortunate to have met and worked alongside Jason.

Garrett Groszko Design Evangelist at Apple

Jason is one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. When we worked together more was accomplished in a few than months than what was created in a year.

He knows. By that I mean he fully invests himself in the product, understands what we want to do and finds a very simple, clean and beautiful way to do it.

He also has an excellent understanding of crafting the entire user experience based on his visual design. It is wonderful experience to work with Jason. He demonstrates incredible creativity and ardor.

Not only does Jason have design chops in spades, but as a person you can’t beat him. Moral, dependable and funny. These traits are important to me and something that few people possess.

I hope we can work together and do great things again in the future.

Sam Roberts Senior User Experience Designer at Apple

You could always count on Jason to deliver what was asked and then a little more. Not only that, but he did it faster than you expected and smiled the entire time. I had a great time working with Jason and I hope someday I can work with him again. He’s easy to get along with, takes criticism like all professionals should and turns out excellent work. Two thumbs up :)

Kjell Bronder Prototyping at Apple

Working with Jason was an exhilarating and truly enriching experience. Not only is he a great designer with tons of great original ideas and lots of experience, he also is a really great person to work with and a true team player. He really listens to your feedback, loves discussing it and integrating it in to his next round of comps. He also is quick to grasp technical difficulties and will work to find helpful workarounds to engineering issues. He is extremely detail conscious and amazingly still extremely fast at delivering the next round of comps. We had countless number of really interesting and productive brainstorm sessions where the dialogue transcended any of the stereotypical engineer vs designer opposition.

I really enjoyed working with Jason.

Michael Cina Owner at Michael Cina Associates

I had the pleasure of working with Jason on the same project when he was at Facebook. I had known of his work before, and when I heard he was on the same project, I knew it was going to go well. I can say a lot of amazing things about his work, but this sums it up, Jason is the best web/UI designer around today. Period. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Aaron Schwartz Founder and CEO at Modify Watches

We were commissioned to customize Modify Watches for Facebook in celebration of the company’s 7th anniversary. We needed to design, manufacture, and deliver these within a month, and Jason was the key piece to making this happen - as well as our pulling it off fantastically well.

He took the reigns of the design, worked to get approval from the Facebook’s leadership, and created a fantastic watch. When we decided to enhance the product after production had already begun, Jason stayed up through the night to work on the revised design.

The resulting product was tremendous, and we have heard only positive things from Facebook’s employees, all of whom received the watches. He did a great job of creating a watch that captured the ethos of the company, something that’s always critical to a corporate gift being successful. Jason’s watches are now being worn and making statements all over the world, not just thrown into a drawer like so many company gifts!

Phil Lu Design Manager at Opendoor

Jason really understands the intricate details of interface design. His relentless drive for pixel perfection and work ethics is something that sets him apart from the rest. I’m looking forward to work with him in the future.

Bryan Medway Experience Design Manager at Adobe

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jason for almost a decade now, and more importantly, have worked with him twice now at two different companies.

Jason is a grade A class act, always open to new ideas and doing the best work he can, no matter the project. His eye for detail and polish is a rare asset in a increasingly saturated design world. His positive outlook on life in general comes though in his outstanding character and his respect with people he works with.

I can’t wait to work with him again and I am always looking for opportunities to tell others how awesome he really is.

Daniel Walsh User Experience Design Manager at Google

I had the pleasure of working with Jason on Adobe’s mobile & tablet design initiative. His attention to detail, strong visual design skills, and good-natured attitude would be a strong addition to any team. If you know Jason, then you’re aware that he’s one of the hardest working designers in the bay area, hands down.

Chris Heimbuch Consulting for new economy companies and startups

Jason is a leader. He is who you want leading the design on your most visible, most important, most valued project. Jason is who you want in front of your best clients, your CEO or staff, as he’ll inspire them all. More importantly, he will design solutions that are elegant, sophisticated and that both resonate emotionally and strategically. In this regard, Jason has no peers.

I’ve had the very good fortune of being able to hire Jason twice. He’s the ace in the deck. A design talent that is the rarest of all: incredible talent without a hint of hubris. A natural, enthusiastic leader whom others - other leaders and those, who are seeking out a leader - gravitate towards. His desk was always a flurry of discussion: on UI practices, photography, et al.

Simply put, he’s one of the best designers in the industry. And on top of it all, a complete joy to work with... His dedication to craft is second to none, his Joie de Vie approach to his work, friends and family is a pleasure to both see and be a part of and his dedication and commitment to designing the best experiences possible are at times, awe inspiring.

Jason sets the highest of standards. Finding others who strive to achieve, as high and with as much passion are few and far between.

Justin Velo Designer at Pinterest

It’s no secret that Jason is an amazing lead designer, it just so happens that he also is an amazing person.

Mehdi Mlala Ingénieur Mobile iOS et Android chez ContentSquare

Jason is a wonderful person. I didn’t have the chance to work directly with him, but I learned a lot from him nonetheless through the various casual discussions we had together. What amazed me the most about him though was how humble and generous he is. I would definitely want to work with him, or report to him.

Ethan Eismann Director of Product Design at Uber

Jason is an incredible designer, and design leader. In a short 5 months, he has worked across multiple design projects, and teams. On each project, he created outstanding and effective designs, and at the same time mentored the designers around him. As a result, Jason has made a deep and positive impact on the DNA of Adobe’s design organization.

Specifically, what impresses me most about Jason is his design speed, design quality, and his openness to feedback. It’s rare for a designer to be both at the top of his craft, and so skilled at collaboration. The combination of these qualities ensures that when Jason is on a project, the final result will exceed expectations.

Lawrence Hsu Sr Experience Designer at Adobe

Pretty much everything that Jason touches turns into gold but most importantly he’s super down to earth and really easy to work with; I want to be like him when I grow up.

Nayoung Kim Lead designer at Apple

Jason is a T-shaped designer who has very strategic mind and visual creativity. It was a big pleasure to work with Jason. He is honest, hard working, and motivates me a lot with so many creative ideas and thoughts. He showed me the real example of top notch designer, and as time goes by, I realized I was respecting him a lot not only as a talented designer but also as a roll-model.

Mike Knott Director of User Experience at Matterport

Jason is in my opinion the most sought after UI Designer in the industry today. He is without question the most talented, hard working, professional person I have ever worked with. He is extremely detail oriented and brings an insatiable enthusiasm to the projects that he takes on. He has amazing business and technical knowledge and is a great mentor to the many designers that admire is work. On top of all of this Jason, is the most genuine, honest, generous, dedicated person I know. He leads by example and makes everyone around him better. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Jason.

Rick Vargas Creative at Apple

I’ve worked with Jason for a number of years. He did some great work while he was here at Apple. Eager and easy to work with Jason brings a huge amount of enthusiasm to his projects.

Chris Stillman Principal at The Lab, LLC

Jason has that rare combination of being talented and hard working. To say he’s creative and level headed would be a huge understatement, I look forward to working with him in the future.

Ana Arriola Provocateur & Uniter, Creative Leader, Craftswoman.

Jason is methodically strategic in his approach to visual communication problem solving. He was an absolute asset in getting our project up and online within a critical period of time for the company. I highly recommend Jason for any brand / strategy / design challenge.

Denise Knickerbocker Sr. Art & Content Producer, Freelance

Jason is a talented Online Art Director / Designer who is incredibly detail oriented and conscientious which is greatly appreciated by an agency when hiring a freelance artist. He has been enthusiastic and interested in each project that has been assigned to him which is not always an easy task. Another great benefit is his technical understanding and knowledge. I would hire Jason for any project that arises.

Sarah Castelblanco WW Operations at Apple

Jason is a pleasure to work with. He is honest, forthright, and easygoing. He worked with us on some very intensive projects in an ever-changing environment and was always willing to go the extra mile to make the work the best that it could be. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great web designer!

Tim Smith Investor and Entrepreneur

Jason was referred to me by one of my most trusted collegues at Red Sky. I have had the pleasure of working with Jason on a couple of projects now and - even at 10 years my junior (or more!) - I count him among my mentors. A brilliant designer with a rare sense of integrity and responsibility in this business. I’ve learned a lot from this guy. Work with him, or hire him! My highest recommendation.

Gerard Reyes Designer at BSTRO

Jason is the hardest working person I know. He is a respectful individual that is always open to critique. Also, I believe his overall sense of information and interactive design complements his business and marketing knowledge.

Ed Lau Creative Technologist at Apple

Jason and I worked together as fellow freelancers at Research In Motion. What I learned working with Jason at RIM and on a previous project is that he is the consummate professional. He will settle for nothing less than perfection. He is organized and meticulous. He is a master at his trade--without a doubt the most talented designer I’ve come to know. He is passionate and hard-working--I’ve seen Jason keep going when other designers would have settled for “pretty good” long ago. But despite Jason’s talent, he is humble and a pleasure to work with.

Rob Mori Director Innovation Programs at Product Innovation Team, Samsung Electronics America

I worked with Jason on a keynote demo for the BlackBerry Developer’s Conference in San Francisco Nov. 2009. Jason’s visual design was a major contributing factor to the success of the demo. The minimalist and eye catching appearance gained the attention of many executives and I heard many compliments praising the demo’s appeal. Jason is also a skilled photographer. We were fortunate to use his photographs in the demo. On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed many cups of coffee and conversation with him, and hope to continue doing so in the future.

Matt Snow Head of Experience Design at Zynga

Jason was my Sr. Designer for mobile, desktop, and TV products at Adobe. Long story short, I hated to see him leave. He’s a great designer with a great attitude, and if you looked up “hard work” in the dictionary, it would say “see Jason Wilson.” I can wholeheartedly recommend him for any design project, and would gladly work with him again.

Allison (Norris) Ivmark Founder & Design Director at Banana Frog

One of the most easy going, humble, passionate and incredibly talented designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with - always impressed by his creative approaches and brilliant design solutions!

Dave Zuverink Designer & Founder at SlimFold

While working closely together on an ambitious mobile design project, Jason applied his extraordinary visual sensibility to skillfully execute design solutions that were both beautiful and functional. He combines a craftsman’s pixel-perfect eye for detail, a journeyman’s professional work ethic, and an optimist’s congeniality that makes him a pleasure to work with.

Joe Andolina Principal UX Engineer at Salesforce

Jason is a designer extraordinaire and very professional when it comes to pixel perfection. There is no designer developer friction as he is open to discuss and explore other options in order to overcome technical obstacles. He was a pleasure to work with and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again.

John Shapiro Director of Product Management, QuickBooks Online at Intuit

Jason has done a great job helping the product team create a phenomenal user experience for Adobe Wave. He reviewed the current interaction specs and refined them to provide the engineering team with the final designs to use for the beta. Jason is very responsive and has been wonderful to work with.

Shernaz Pavri Group Manager, Experience Design at Intuit

Jason’s positive attitude and passion for design is infectious! His level of contribution, overall work ethic, and attention to detail is exceptional. His breath of design experience is an asset to any team. It would be a pleasure to work with Jason again.

Dmitri Cavander Group Creative Director at Apple

We hired Jason on two separate occasions to augment our design team on In addition to being incredibly easy to work with, he provided a level of polish and attention to detail in the work that was everything we could have hoped for. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I’d hire him again.

Daniel Scrivner Founding Partner at Blackletter

Jason was absolutely incredible to work with! And I say that with no hesitation. His level of skill, broad knowledge of design history and principles, and ability to execute visual ideas simply and powerfully are greater than anyone I’ve ever worked with. He’s also incredibly humble, hard working and always striving to improve the quality of his work and understanding of his craft. I’m lucky to have worked with him, and proud to call him a friend now.

Mandy Nagel Creative Director at Fire Engine RED

I worked with Jason on a large scale project for Apple. He assisted with design and provided helpful critiques to my work and the project as a whole. His work was always on time, he kept a positive attitude throughout our entire project, and was a great to work with in general. I definitely look forward to working together again on future projects.

Darryl Gehly Executive Vice President at Skyword

Jason is a fantastic designer and has a tremendous work ethic. My experience working with him was in a very tough “pressure cooker” environment, and Jason didn’t break a sweat. The work he did was genius and would work with him again in a second.

Yuval Zukerman Client Partner at Brightcove

Jason arrived in our offices to help us on a pitch. He joined our team and instantly became an integral part of the thought process, always keen to help and share his idea. The consummate team member, Jason took our ideas and first put them into the form of immaculate story boards, and then brought them to life. Jason is the most cooperative, professional and talented designer I have worked with and will recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch creative.

David Pullan Global Client Leader, Team GSK at WPP

Jason worked with us on two major pitches. He was extraordinarily committed, working through the night to finish the proposal. His work was of the highest quality - the client described the pitch as "world-class". He was great with the team and has a very relaxed demeanour, key in those late night sessions!

Louis Monier Chief Scientist at

Jason was responsible for the design of the Cuil Web site. He was brought in very late and had to face a confusing situation and conflicting requirements. He worked very quickly under intense time pressure and came up with original designs that everyone loved.

Jason was extremely pleasant to work with and totally reliable. After launch Cuil got a lot of controversial press, but the Web site design was universally appreciated, even imitated, and got only positive press.

Jason will be my first choice for all my future design needs.

Michael Lemme Chief creative officer and partner at Duncan Channon

Although it pains me some to spread the word, I can’t recommend Jason highly enough. I’d hire him in a second – I’ve tried. (As you can see, he kindly declined.) So I bring him in freelance whenever I get the chance. Jason’s work is excellent, he puts his heart into it and I enjoy our collaboration every time. Then I claim the work as my own. It’s win-win.

Justin Maxwell Cofounder & Chief Design Officer at Startup

Jason and I barely crossed paths at Apple, but he was known for coming in and getting a 3 year ordeal of a project out the door. When I needed someone to take an absolutely horrible mess of design at Theranos and make it presentable and fresh, we gave him a call. He nailed it, no revisions needed, and went beyond the requirements of the project, making improvements to the company’s logo.

Since then I’ve kept track of his work -- his name comes up often, and everyone still speaks of him in high regard. And oddly enough he is incredibly professional and organized, something you don’t run across too often in the design community...

Suzanne Baxter Associate Art Director at Old Navy

In addition to being an extremely skilled designer, Jason is one of the most reliable designers I’ve been lucky enough to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dependable and talented art director.

Andrew Schmeling Freelance Creative Director / Art Director

Jason is simply a great designer and art director. He always delivers a high level of professionalism and skill to his work. And he’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Michael Stewman Creative Director at Santa Cruz Studios

Jason was by far one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. An amazing designer and exceptionally humble person, it was my pleasure to have worked with him. His designs skills continue to impress and inspire.

Wilson Miner Director of Digital Design at California Sunday

Jason is one of the smartest, most no-nonsense designers I’ve ever worked with. He has an incredible ability to zero in on just what needs to be done to move a project forward. He’s got the confidence without a trace of ego. I would jump at the chance to work with Jason again.

Heather Reid Freelance Writer & Creative Director

Jason is one of the most inventive, hardest working partners I’ve ever had the joy of working with. He also happens to be chill and full of creative solutions no matter what the client hit us with. On a project for Peet’s Coffee we overshot the brief by creating a new retail program for them then backed it up with a sweet little site. Jason consistently pushed the work beyond everyone’s expectations.

Jenn Theaker Head of Marketing at THX

Jason’s ability to really hear a client and deliver on their desire is top notch, and rare. He was an asset to my team and I’d love to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Steve Peck Freelance Creative Director

I was fortunate to work with Jason during my internship at Tribal DDB in San Francisco during the summer of 2005 while I was in my third year of design school. Jason taught me a lot during his time there and has continued to be a great mentor, both personally and professionally for the past four years. I have the utmost respect for Jason’s ability to produce outstanding work coupled with an infectious positive attitude that brings teams together.

Johnny Walker Integrated Creative Director, branding, social

Designer. Photographer. South African adventurer. All-around great coworker. I got to work with Jason for a few months at Organic SF. He’s a great designer who’s both artistic and cerebral. He can take a design problem and think out a solution that is completely creative, yet still solves the initial problem. Aside from his hands on design skill, he was a great coworker. He was always the one keeping up morale, stepping up as a leader and acting as ‘the glue’ on the creative team. Plus he’s got some fantastic stories. Go ahead, ask him.

Misha Cornes Connecting Design to Strategy at Lunar

Jason has a strong clear vision as a designer and the passion to sell that vision to others. He is a tireless worker and a stickler for details, yet he remains affable under pressure and always keeps things in perspective.

Scott Sorokin Global Head of Digital at Infosys

Three things you should know about Jason Wilson: First - Jason is authentic. He is smart, loyal, funny, a man with rare integrity and vision. Second - Jason is intense. From the moment we met it was clear he puts his heart and soul into his craft. Third - Jason got talent. Drop the mic. If you ever get the chance to work with Jason you will count yourself lucky - as I do.

Alex Hendler President & CD at Big Tent Digital

I was lucky enough to catch Jason relatively early in his career. At the time he had a wealth of raw talent, energy, and drive that led him to develop rapidly both in terms of a designer and as an art director who understands strategy and how to transform a creative strategy into concept.

A card-carrying perfectionist, Jason has an incredible amount of integrity and would pull an all-nighter, if need be, to get an assignment right. Seeing how Jason has developed into one of the most sought-after designers in the Bay Area is not a surprise to me at all. Highly recommend.

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